As of 06/01/2020
  Indus: 25,475 +91.91 +0.4%  
  Trans: 8,966 -3.88 0.0%  
  Utils: 815 +8.41 +1.0%  
  Nasdaq: 9,552 +62.18 +0.7%  
  S&P 500: 3,056 +11.42 +0.4%  
  Targets    Overview: 05/29/2020  
  Up arrow27,000 or 24,000 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow9,800 or 8,200 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow850 or 750 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow9,800 or 9,000 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow3,200 or 2,850 by 06/15/2020
CPI (updated daily): Arrows on 5/15/20
As of 06/01/2020
  Indus: 25,475 +91.91 +0.4%  
  Trans: 8,966 -3.88 0.0%  
  Utils: 815 +8.41 +1.0%  
  Nasdaq: 9,552 +62.18 +0.7%  
  S&P 500: 3,056 +11.42 +0.4%  
  Targets    Overview: 05/29/2020  
  Up arrow27,000 or 24,000 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow9,800 or 8,200 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow850 or 750 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow9,800 or 9,000 by 06/15/2020
  Up arrow3,200 or 2,850 by 06/15/2020
CPI (updated daily): Arrows on 5/15/20

Bulkowski's Alphabetical Chart Pattern Rank


I've updated the performance of many of the below patterns. See time performance.

This is an alphabetical listing of chart patterns that shows the performance rank of each pattern by its average rise or decline and failure rate. Ties are allowed. A rank of 1 is best (highest post breakout rise or decline, or lowest failure rate). N/A means the chart pattern uses a different method to gauge performance than the other chart patterns (usually the measure from the breakout to the swing high or swing low, not to the highest high or lowest low before a trend change). Thus, a performance comparison would be unfair and meaningless.

-- Thomas Bulkowski

Performance Rank: Bull Market Chart Patterns

Chart PatternAverage Rise or
Decline Rank
Breakeven Failure
Rate Rank
Broadening Bottoms, down breakout914
Broadening Bottoms, up breakout1910
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Ascending, down breakout917
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Ascending, up breakout1711
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Descending, down breakout912
Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Descending, up breakout1815
Broadening Tops, down breakout916
Broadening Tops, up breakout1713
Broadening Wedges, Ascending, down breakout79
Broadening Wedges, Ascending, up breakout92
Broadening Wedges, Descending, down breakout47
Broadening Wedges, Descending, up breakout146
Bump-and-Run Reversal Bottoms, up breakout92
Bump-and-run Reversal Tops, down breakout53
Cup-with-Handle, Inverted, down breakout89
Cup-with-Handle, up breakout135
Diamond Bottoms, down breakout38
Diamond Bottoms, up breakout114
Diamond Tops, down breakout34
Diamond Tops, up breakout1910
Double Bottoms, Adam & Adam, up breakout125
Double Bottoms, Adam & Eve, up breakout105
Double Bottoms, Eve & Adam, up breakout124
Double Bottoms, Eve & Eve, up breakout74
Double Tops, Adam & Adam, down breakout56
Double Tops, Adam & Eve, down breakout612
Double Tops, Eve & Adam, down breakout911
Double Tops, Eve & Eve, down breakout69
Flags, down breakoutN/A1
Flags, High and Tight, up breakout11
Flags, up breakout N/A4
Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms, Complex, up breakout84
Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms, up breakout93
Head-and-Shoulders Tops, Complex, down breakout12
Head-and-Shoulders Tops, down breakout22
Horn Bottoms, up breakout129
Horn Tops, down breakout35
Islands Reversals, down breakout715
Islands Reversals, up breakout2014
Islands, Long, down breakout23
Islands, Long, up breakout1611
Measured Move Down N/AN/A
Measured Move UpN/AN/A
Pennants, down breakoutN/A2
Pennants, up breakoutN/A2
Pipe Bottom, up breakout45
Pipe Tops, down breakout49
Rectangles Bottoms, down breakout 1015
Rectangles Bottoms, up breakout310
Rectangles Tops, down breakout79
Rectangles Tops, up breakout89
Rounding Bottoms, up breakout55
Rounding Tops, down breakout510
Rounding Tops, up breakout109
Scallops, Ascending and Inverted, up breakout54
Scallops, Ascending, down breakout 1019
Scallops, Ascending, up breakout1610
Scallops, Descending, down breakout 713
Scallops, Descending, up breakout2116
Scallops, Inverted and Descending, down breakout68
Three Falling Peaks, down breakout710
Three Rising Valleys, up breakout65
Triangles, Ascending, down breakout59
Triangles, Ascending, up breakout1212
Triangles, Descending, down breakout 814
Triangles, Descending, up breakout27
Triangles, Symmetrical, down breakout711
Triangles, Symmetrical, up breakout169
Triple Bottoms, up breakout104
Triple Tops, down breakout58
Wedges, Falling, down breakout913
Wedges, Falling, up breakout1511
Wedges, Rising, down breakout1018
Wedges, Rising, up breakout188

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