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Thomas Bulkowski’s successful investment activities allowed him to retire at age 36. He is an internationally known author and trader with 30+ years of stock market experience and widely regarded as a leading expert on chart patterns. He may be reached at

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Written by and copyright © 2005-2017 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. See Privacy/Disclaimer for more information.


Patternz is a FREE desktop software application that finds chart patterns and candlesticks in your stocks automatically and displays them on a chart or lists them in a table. It does not contain any spyware or adware and there is no registration process to use it. It works with Windows 7 (and more recent) versions of the operating system. An older version that works with Windows 3.11 and XP is available here.

Use Patternz at your own risk.

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Note: I'll be making another release soon which will provide another source for stock quotes.

Patternz Features

Patternz is a Windows based program that automatically finds chart patterns. It has these features.

  • Supports multiple portfolios, new to version 5.9
  • Has the chart pattern indicator, new to version 5.8
  • Offers limited fundamental analysis of stocks, new to version 5.7.
  • Built-in downloader so you can update quote information from this program, new to version 5.4.
  • Finds 32 chart patterns (see Patterns Form).
  • Finds 105 candlestick patterns (see Candles Form)
  • The Chart Form reports this information for chart patterns.
    • Name of the chart pattern, highlighted in red when selected
    • Pattern start and end dates
    • Breakout direction and breakout date
    • Price target (based on the height of the pattern) and percentage move
    • Volatility stop price and percentage move as of the day before the breakout
    • Trade status (the date and price when the stock hit the price target or stop)
    • Right mouse clicking shows the price information for the price bar.
    • Right mouse button down and drag draws a trendline
    • Left mouse button down shows crosshairs
  • The Chart Form reports this information for candlestick patterns.
    • Name of the candlestick
    • Candle start and end dates
    • How the candle typically performs (such as a "bullish reversal 53% of the time")
  • The List Form reports the same information as described above but also includes the ultimate high and low dates and prices. See the glossary for definitions.
  • List form finds and lists chart and candlestick patterns for use by Excel and other programs.
  • Improved pattern recognition algorithms.
  • Tool tips and help buttons provide instant help. No need to dig through an instruction manual.
  • Adware and spyware free
  • It's FREE with no registration.


Patternz Release Notes

  • Version 5.21 5/22/2017
    • Fixed a bug which used the 'from' year as the 'to' year on the update form for google quotes.
  • Version 5.20 2/27/2017
    • Fixed a problem of not confirming a chart pattern if confirmation occurred on the most recent day.
    • Added support for OHLC charts, after request.
  • Version 5.19 2/13/2017
    • Using the symbol text box on the chart form crashes the program. It's been fixed.
    • Added explanatory information about the columns to the List form when using the clipboard.
    • I changed the the Main Form's list box search to find symbols easier.
  • Version 5.18 1/25/2017
    • Marco found a bug in the indicator form when using two portfolios. This release fixes that bug.
  • Version 5.17 1/20/2017
    • The bug fix in 5.16 version didn't work. I changed the code and hope it'll work for both US and international use.
  • Version 5.16 1/19/2017
    • Fixed a bug with unusual date formats that prevented the program from charting.
  • Version 5.15 1/3/2017
    • Added charting options to the indicator form
    • Added support for a moving average
    • Fixed a few bugs with high and tight flags.
  • Version 5.14 12/12/2016
    • More bug fixes related to the date.
    • I added daily/week/month selection for charts
    • I added four new chart patterns: horns tops/bottoms and pipes tops/bottoms
    • Tuned pattern recognition more.
  • Version 5.13 12/12/2016
    • I fixed a bug in historical quotes updating, introduced in version 5.12. Sigh.
  • Version 5.12 12/12/2016
    • I fixed two bugs, one of which prevented version 5.11 from working properly.
  • Version 5.11 12/9/2016
    • I added a skip check box. Check this when finding chart patterns, and the program will automatically skip to the next file showing a chart pattern. Way cool.
    • This version is faster, but you probably won't notice.
    • I fixed bugs with identifying candlesticks (quite a few).
    • I improved the chart pattern recognition algorithms.
    • I added support for intraday files (pattern recognition, charting). You'll have to provide your own data, though.
    • The program choked on two digit years. That's been fixed.
    • If your quote files have a date format other than mm/dd/yyyy, the program probably wouldn't work. That's been fixed.
    • I corrected a bug in the Analyze form related to symbols with a period in them.


  • Version 5.10 11/3/2016
    • I restored the split adjustment of volume because I found a source that adjusted it, too.
    • I fixed bugs with the chart pattern indicator (it works now) and update (to handle symbol filename extensions with two periods).
  • Version 5.9 10/28/2016
    • I added support for portfolios.
    • I fixed lots of bugs related to large stock files (long load times) and intraday files. However, pattern recognition will NOT work with intraday files. I hope to fix this in the next release.
  • Version 5.8 10/14/2016
    • I added the chart pattern indicator, miscellaneous bug fixes, and improvements.
  • Version 5.7 9/27/2016
    • I added an Analyze form for fundamental analysis of stocks.
  • Version 5.6 9/23/2016
    • This should fix the problem with version 5.4. It's more robust, too, but use notebook or excel after about a week's worth of use to check your data files. Make sure the dates are in ascending or descending order and nothing looks corrupted. If corrupted, send the file to me and use the "Get historical quotes" option to replace your files.
    • This version has a change when using "Get historical quotes" on the Update Form. Versions 5.4 and 5.5 only updated symbols in the symbol text box OR the list box, but not both (and in that order). Version 5.6 will do both.
  • Version 5.5 9/21/2016
    • This version is the temporary fix for version 5.4. If you downloaded version 5.4, replace it with v 5.5.
  • Version 5.4 9/16/2016
    • I removed this version because of a bug on the Update form.
    • Has a quote downloader built into the program.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes, making the program more robust.
  • Version 5.3 8/29/2016
    • Finds rectangle tops and bottoms.
    • Finds ascending and descending broadening wedges.
  • Version 5.2 8/9/2016
    • Added candlestick support.
  • Version 5.1 8/1/2016
    • Numerous bug fixes. I discovered that some triangles will cause a divide by 0 error when charting. Plus, the information in the grid (breakout date, direction, targets and so on) could be wrong. I split adjusted volume and no one else appears to do that. This version corrected that. I added a LIST feature, so you can get details on chart patterns and copy them to Excel or other program for analysis.
  • Version 5.0, 7/20/2016
    • Initial release. Not for international use (but you can try it. See Installation Instructions for more information).
    • This version may not install properly (one user of windows 10 had a problem). Try a more recent version if you have a problem.


Patternz: Known Bugs

As of 5/15/17, yahoo stopped offering their quote service, breaking part of the update feature. Use the google update option instead. Note that some files may not update (mutual funds, for example, are not supported by google).

Patternz: Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to install Patternz.

  1. If you have a prior version of Patternz installed, it's best (but not mandatory) that you remove the registry settings for the program. This is important if an old version had trouble charting a symbol because of a date problem.

    However, deleting the registry settings means you'll have to redo Patternz settings (like file location, favorite candlesticks or patterns). Even so, those selection take just a few minutes to restore.

    To remove registry settings, run the old Patternz program, select "Help" on the main form menu, then "Remove Patternz" and "Delete Patternz from Registry". Click "Yes" and exit the program.

  2. Use the control panel to uninstall any old versions of Patternz.
  3. Download Patternz to your machine by clicking the link at the top of this page (See Download Now).
  4. Extract all files from the compressed folder and put them in a location of your choice. Note: MMM.csv is a sample data file containing stock quote information that Patternz can read.
  5. Run setup.exe.
  6. Once installation completes, there should be a Patternz short cut on your desktop. Click that to run the program.

Version 5.x of Patternz should work with Windows 7 and more recent operating systems. However, I've only tested it on Win 7 Home Premium. Patternz works on computers with a minimum screen size of 1024 x 768.

This version works best in the United States and for countries that use a similar date format. If your country has a different way of treating numbers (instead of 43.57, it's 43,57 for example) or if your country trades on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), then it might not work. Try it and see.

If you still want to use it despite a different format, then find the International settings ("Clock, Language, and Region") in the control panel and set your Formats (tab) and Location (tab) to the United States. You'll need both the format and location.


Using Patternz the First Time

To use Patternz the first time, follow these instructions.

  1. The first time you run Patternz, a license form will appear. Read the form and click that you accept or reject the terms. Click the Done button.
  2. If you accept the terms, a message box appears that talks about the stock data files. Click OK.
  3. The Browse For Folder dialog box appears. Select the location where you have placed your stock quote files or where you intend to place them. Let's call the location you select the Patternz Folder.
  4. Move the MMM.csv file from the extracted folder (see Installation Instructions above) to the Patternz folder. The MMM.csv file contains sample stock data which Patternz can use to find chart patterns. You do NOT have to move the file, but it's helpful if Patternz has at least one stock file to use.
  5. After you click OK from the Browse For Folder, the Main Form appears. If you have stock data files, they will appear in the list box. If you HAVE data files but they do not appear in the list, then click the Browse Portfolio Location button to locate your data files. Only files with .csv or .txt extensions will appear in the list. If you moved MMM.csv to the Patternz folder, it should be listed. Metastock, Mt4, or other file types are not supported.
  6. If you do NOT have any stock data files, then click Update and read the instructions (below) for that form to download quote files. I suggest you download only ONE file, then return to the main menu and setup the file format (the next step). If the format you save there is different from the file you just downloaded, then return to the update page to download a new file in the right format.
  7. Click the File Format menu item. The File Format Form will appear.
  8. Verify that the column order and date format match the file contents. If not, make changes accordingly and Save those changes. Click the Help button for more information.
  9. Click Done to return to the Main Form.
  10. Select a stock symbol listed and click Chart. Patternz will read the file and display it with patterns highlighted on the Chart Form. If an error occurs, then go back to the File Format form and recheck the format. Just because it charts correctly on that form is no guarantee that it will chart properly on the Chart Form. Go figure.


Patternz Tips

Once Patternz is setup, select stock files you wish to view and click the Chart button to view them.

On the chart form, when using the chart,
  • Depressing the left mouse button will show crosshairs as long as the button is pressed.
  • Right clicking on a price or volume bar will show price or volume information for that date. The price information will be adjusted for splits and dividends but not the volume bars.
  • Right clicking the white area (that is, NOT on a price or volume bar) and dragging the mouse will draw a trendline until you release the button or go off the chart. Cool, huh?
  • Pressing the + or - keys in the number pad area (not the area where $ % ^ and such are located) of your keyboard will load the next (+) or previous (-) stock file.

Patternz Tour: Main Form

Picture of the main form

The picture on the right shows the Main Form of Patternz.

The white area (1) lists your stock quote files. Each file contains quote information about ONE stock that you can chart or list.

The Browse Stock File Location button at 2 helps you locate the data files shown in 1.

The menu bar (3) shows an Exit item to quit the program, the File Format item to setup the format for your data files, Patterns item to select the chart patterns you wish to find, Candles (not shown) for candlesticks you wish to find, and About which contains additional information about the program, reviewing the license, and removing the program.

The buttons at 4 select all of the files listed in 1, chart the files, list patterns, update stock data, or provide additional help.


Picture of the file format form

Patternz: File Format Form

Shown on the right is a reduced version of the File Format form. It's an earlier version of what the program now uses, but it's similar.

You access this form from the Main Form (See prior picture: it's the menu item, File Format).

This form allows you to tell Patternz which quote items appear first, second, and so on, in your data files.

The form provides a small chart to see if your configuration is charting properly, a list of files to chart, sample contents of the file, a grid of file information, and an area to configure your data files.

Keep in mind that each file should have the same format.

For more help with this form, click the Help button on the form.



Picture of the Candles form

Patternz: Candles Form

Full candlestick support appears in version 5.2 (released August 9, 2016).

The above form shows the number of candlestick patterns supported (105).

On the chart form, hovering over a price bar and Patternz will run candlestick recognition. The results of what it finds will appear on the form.

The list form will report the candlesticks found on the specified end date, too.

Both of those forms depend on this form to identify which candlesticks you wish to search for.




Picture of the Patterns form

Patternz: Patterns Form

This form allows you to select the chart patterns you wish to view.

You can access this form from the Main Form, Chart Form, or List Form.

Checking the associated chart pattern means Patternz will search for that pattern in your data files.

The controls are self-explanatory, but you can hover your mouse over the buttons for specific help.






Patternz: Chart Form

Picture of the chart form

Pictured above is a reduced version of the Chart Form as of version 5.2.

Patternz charts your stock data and searches for chart patterns and candlesticks.

Shown are a few of the chart patterns it found (I only turned on a few): a double bottom (DB) and symmetrical triangle (SymT) taken from the chart of Apple Computer (AAPL) using data from 2014-mid 2016.

Along the bottom left of the form appears a grid which displays information about each chart pattern. To the right of that is where candlestick information appears when you hover the mouse over an identified candlestick. Check or uncheck the Strict checkbox to find patterns and candlesticks using strict or loose rules. Use the Symbol textbox to chart a specific symbol. Note: You should have the data for that symbol already available. The other controls are self-explanatory.


Patternz: List Form

Picture of the list form

The picture shows the List Form, new to version 5.1 (version 5.2 shown).

From the main menu, select the stock symbols you wish to search and then click the List button. The List Form appears.

After you click the Start button, the program will load each file and search for chart patterns and candlesticks. If it finds any, they will appear in the list, similar to that shown.

Click the Help button on the form for additional help.


Patternz: Update Form

Picture of the list form

WARNING: The first time I ran the downloaded version, it appeared to hang my machine. About 2 minutes after running the thing, my virus software popped up and said Patternz was trying to access the internet. Duh. I approved the access and it's worked fine since.

The picture shows the Update Form, new to version 5.4 (shown).

From the main menu, click the Update button to get here. The Update Form appears.

Here are brief descriptions of the controls.

  1. This is where your stock files, if any, will appear. Highlight the files you wish to update and click Start.
  2. This option will allow the downloader to update your quote files starting from the day after the last quote. If the markets are open, updating ends with the prior day. If the markets are closed and data is available, the current day's quotes are included.
  3. For new files, click this option, fill in the appropriate start and end dates (5), provide new stocks symbols (4) (or highlight some/all in the list box (1)), then click Start (6). Use this option to shrink existing quote files (for speed) or to replace existing quote files.
  4. For historical quotes files only, enter a list of symbols you wish added to the list box (1). Separate each symbol with a space. If the text box is grayed, then click the "Get historical quotes" radio button.
  5. For historical quotes files only, enter the start and end dates of the historical data you wish to download. To keep the program working fast, I suggest a maximum of about two years of data.
  6. The Browse button allows you to find existing quote files. The Stop button halts a download. The Start button begins a download. Select All highlights files shown in the list box (1). Help provides help for the form (as does hovering the mouse over a control). The Done button returns the program to the Main Form.
  7. Any error messages will appear here.
  8. Be aware that yahoo or google can take up to a day to release quote information, so the program may complain about that. Try again later. Yahoo often releases quote data about five hours after the close.


Patternz: Analyze Form

Picture of the analyze form

The picture shows the Analyze Form, new to version 5.7 (version 5.7 shown).

From the main menu, select the Analyze button to take you to this form.

1. This is where the files (symbols) are listed.

2. Enter any symbols (not shown in 1) you'd like to analyze here, each separated by a comma.

3. The button...

  • The Help button displays the figure and offers help.
  • Browse allows you to select a different location for your symbol files (1).
  • Select All highlights all of the files in 1.
  • Clipboard (not shown) copies highlighted information shown in 4 onto the clipboard for pasting into another program like notepad or Excel.
  • The Start and Stop buttons begin or end the analysis.
  • Done returns you to the Main Form.

4. This is where the analysis appears.


Patternz: Chart Pattern Indicator

Picture of the chart pattern indicator form

The picture shows the Chart Pattern Indicator Form (most of it, anyway), new to version 5.8 (version 5.15 shown).

From the main menu, highlight the files you wish to include in the indicator analysis. The index file you choose later (see 2 below) will be excluded from the analysis automatically. Often you can just click the Select All button on the main form to highlight all files.

Click the Indicator button to take you to this form.

1. This is where the program draws the index (candlestick chart) and chart pattern indicator (the long, vertical, red (bearish signal) and green (bullish signal) bars plus the wavy blue line, which is the indicator).

2. Controls:

  • Specify the from and to dates that you wish to examine.
  • The radio buttons give charting options, such as show when a signal changes from red to green (or green to red), show all signals, or don't show signals.
  • Enter the symbol for the index of your choice in the Index text box.
  • The Help button shows a help form.
  • The Stop button halts the computation of the indicator
  • The Start button begins the analysis.
  • Done returns you to the Main Form.

For more information on the indicator and what it means, see:

-- Thomas Bulkowski


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Written by and copyright © 2005-2017 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. See Privacy/Disclaimer for more information. To err is human. To forgive is not company policy.